Call for Participants

The live-streaming workshop (venue/dates TBA for 2016) invites scholars currently investigating aspects of broadcasting or live streaming— from Let’s Plays to open or publicly-accessed development practices (e.g. Mojang’s Minecraft early access)—to participate in a full-day workshop. The workshop focuses on practices of live-streamed play and design. Through participant presentations, critical dialogues are nurtured and then extended through playing with live-streaming with a ‘hands-on’ live-streaming sessions run by the organizers.

While this workshop particularly attends to games live-streaming, all research and engagement with research and practice around broadcasting is welcome.

The goals of the workshop are as follows:

  • Question the ways that networked live-streaming technologies are designed and used asking how the various actors make sense of this platform/performance space.
  • Reflect on the design of the tools and infrastructures and ask how they enhance, extend, challenge, and disrupt creative participation.
  • Establish a new network with scholars/industry/practitioners working on current theoretical, technical, or empirical challenges within the area of live-streaming
  • Practicing live-streaming – organizers will run an experimental session with participants playing with live-streaming. The potential benefits of collaborative socio-technical experience of live-streaming together are explored, opening a pathway to contemplate other dialogues on practices outside of presentation speaker-audience formats.